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BG2-Tweak: Help needed!


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First let me say: wow! This is a really impressive mod!


Unfortunately I'm a bit lazy and having a tough time. I realize that hitting "yes" on everything is probably a bad idea (e.g. I don't want to remove all the traps), and some of the PnP vs. Un-nerfed spell table options are hard for me to understand.


I'm not sure if anyone can really help me here, it's hard to figure out how to deepen the "immersion" and still keep the game balanced. I do like to get as much as I can out of one character ;)





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Alternatively, you could, I dunno, read the Readme (it's not there just to look pretty). Heck, in v5, the Readme pops up at the beginning of the install process.

Yep, I started with the README, but as I said, I was feeling lazy. I got a bit bogged down with the spell table options (Druid really had my stumped). And I'm not completely clear on the consequences of other options. The README is quite good, but I'm just not an advanced user (I need the brain dead "install this and enjoy" option).

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