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Romance timing?

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No worries, just glad we sorted it out! Thanks for playing her and let me know what you think of her when you finish!

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Guest scourge of god

Hi, I am playing Sarah romance, have eligible character (female paladin with rep 15). In the beginning Sarah talked to me like every 20-30 mins, then I got a talk which ended with either embracing her or touching her hand I think. I did the latter and since then she hasn't talked to me for 3 days (about three hours of playing). I checked shadowkeeper and it states Sarahfriendshipactive: 3, Sarahromanceactive: 2. Should have I embraced her? Or is something else wrong? I don't have Anomen in the party.

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From your variables it seems fine to me. As long as her romance is set to 2 you should be ok. I'll have a look at the mod when I get home, just in case. Try using the console to advance time.

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Or leave the game paused, game days do not advance the time between talks. It's the real time meter which is in charge of that. Try leaving the game paused for... roughly 15 minutes or so, and something new might appear, especially if you have the banter pack's accelerators installed. :p


Edit: Wait, I misread.


Well aside from waiting I can't really suggest much else at the moment, I'll update later if I find another solution.

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**** SPOILERS ****


Sarah's stopped talking to my poor Charname as well. The last dialogue was after I helped her uncle. Since then I've done several quests and she hasn't said I thing. I can still flirt (her response to the "share the love" flirt is that we should find sometime and someplace more apporpriate). I've tried resting in the wilderness areas and nothing has triggered. Oh, and I'm still in Chapter 2 (planning on going to Spellhold after doing the Windspear Hills)


Here are what seem to be the key variables:


Sarah Romance Active - 2

Sarah Steamy - 2

Sarah Talk Friend - 7

Sarah Talk Romance - 19

Sarah Friendship Active - 3


The only mods currently installed are Dungeon Be Gone and Sarah.


So is there a problem, or a specific place the party should rest or do I just need to get my slow-moving butt to Chapter 6?

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I thought I rested at night, but apparently I had rested when it was dark, but not technically night according to the game. Making sure it was at least 11pm before resting caused the talk to trigger.



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