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sarevok alignment change

Guest Guest_onuray_*

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Guest Guest_onuray_*

sorry for posting this here this is not a real fixpack bug, but as far as i know there isn't any fixes for my problem and and i think people here are capable of helping me.


thanks to a guide on the sorcerer's site i did all the right things for the change to occur. but weirdly when the change dialog came up sarevok told me that i was not sincere and the alignment failed to change. i checked the sarevokchange variable and it's 3 (according to the guide it should be 2 or more) so i don't know what is wrong. i want to see the alignment change and hear the new soundset which will come with it (there's one right?).

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Guest Guest_onuray_*

hello again. well i took a blind shot and changed some variables in sarevok remorse thingie that came with unfinished business. that worked fine and i was able to change sarevok to good through the following official dialog. now the problem is that i can't see any difference between the old soundset and the good one. can someone tell me what the difference is (perhaps only in the "happy" comments?) thanks again, cheers.

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Guest frabjous

Ascension changes the mechanics of the alignment change as well to make it less random, so the guide at Sorcerer's place may not be accurate with even just Ascension installed. Don't know the precise interplay between UB and Ascension, however.


As far as I know, Sarevok's soundset does not change at all as a result of the switch. He now gives his "happy" remark at high reputation rather than low (and vice-versa with his "unhappy" remark), but it's the same soundset. Could be wrong.


This post should probably be in a different forum, though since I'm not even a registered G3 member... not really my call. :thumbsup:

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Guest Guest_onuray_*

allright thanks. now i will try to make my question more aligned with this forum. i didn't notice any change in the soundset so there must be something wrong. only new sound i noticed was an attack sound which is something like we children of bhaal cannot be stopped, but even that may be an old evil one. can i add it manually?

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It's not a full soundset change, and you've already heard one of them.


His battle cries change from


Feel my unholy wrath!!

Death comes for you, feel its icy breath!!

Hahahahaa ha!


We Children of Bhaal cannot be stopped!

Death comes for you, feel its icy breath!!

Ha! This arena I know well!!

His death line changes from

No! I... I refuse...

to a simpler


His night and city lines change from

Darkness is friend to all with evil intent.

These are all pawns. Pawns collected for the use of whoever knows how to place them on the board.

to the slightly friendlier

Beware... darkness is murder's most favored companion.

I have had enough of... people. They try my patience.

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