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New Portrait Icon Description

Guest Simuran

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Pretty noobish question here,


Im using a Kit called Blademaster (the one by Tyrus), and among other little bugs I have managed to fix - there is this annoying thing:


The kit gives you an ability called Swrod Dance which is cool and fits the Kit theme, it uses the portrait icon of the Blade's "Offensive Spin" (which is ok) but in the character sheet the ability actually called "Offensive Spin", which kinda ruins the atmosphere.


Can I create an new Icon for the "Display Portrait Icon (142)", using an existing image but a new string description?

(So in the Character sheet it will show the offensive spin Icon but it will say "Sword Dance" next to it.)


I know it has something to do with the STATDESC.2DA file, but im not sure what to do with it.


Thanks in advance,


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Not so noobish. Adding state icon descriptions, as opposed to changing existing ones. is not trivial.


Every entry in STATDESC.2DA maps an icon in STATES.BAM / STATES2.BAM to a text entry in DIALOG.TLK. STATES.BAM has the character sheet icons, STATES2.BAM the portrait icons, but they always come as a pair that can't be disconnected from each other, nor can they be connected to more than one text entry. So, if you want an existing icon and connect it to a different text, while keeping the original functionality intact, you need to create a new state icon.


To add a new state icon identical to an existing icon, but with a different text, use BAM Workshop to copy and paste the existing sequence in STATES.BAM to one of the unused entries near the end (from 230 or so onwards), repeat the procedure with STATES2.BAM, then use INSERT_2DA_ROW in your tp2 file to map the new state icon to your text entry. Icon number N in STATDESC.2DA always maps to frame sequence N+64 (65?) in STATES.BAM / STATES2.BAM. Make sure to include the new STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM in your distribution.



(1) This will necessarily overwrite any existing STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM. Patching STATES.BAM hasn't been tried successfully, AFAIK.

(2) There is a maximum of 192 state icons in the game. If you install Refinements, all of them will be used up. So adding a new state icon/text pair will make your mod incompatible with Refinements (and possibly with RPG Dungeon Kitpack, which also adds some state icons. To minimize incompatibility, use the STATES(2).BAM distributed with Refinements and change an existing state icon.

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Thanks alot! With the information you gave me my problem is actually solved pretty easly (The piece of info I really missed is that the entery is linked to dialog.tlk).

Since I do not intend to distribute it, but rather use only here, Im just gonna overwrite some Icon I will probebly never use (Not Offensive spin - as I like Hear'dalis, but Ill find something).


Again - Thanks alot.

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