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two errors with scs v6

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Guest Guest_leonardo watson_*

I have installed SCSv6 together with BGT and I found two errors:


1: the file pspider.bcs is copied into the main SoA folder instead of the override folder. This is caused by:


COPY_EXISTING ~_pspider.bcs~ ~pspider.bcs~ // for BGT

that's easy to repair, it should be:

COPY_EXISTING ~_pspider.bcs~ ~override/pspider.bcs~ // for BGT


2: it appears an error because of a missing file that shows not with scsbgt v4.5 in the same installation order and I don't know how to repair this:


[override/_bandit.bcs] loaded, 1536 bytes

Extended script [hobgobc.bcs] with [override/_bandit.bcs]

Copying 1 file ...

[./override/_bandit.bcs] loaded, 1536 bytes

Copied [_bandit.bcs] to [override/bandit.bcs]

Extending game scripts ...

ERROR: error loading [override/_hobgobc.bcs]

[./override/_BANDIT.BCS] loaded, 1536 bytes

Extended script [_bandit.bcs] with [override/_hobgobc.bcs]

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