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Mornmaster Arval peculiarities


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Well, since I'm modding for a cleric of Lathander, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the dialogue for all the Lathandrites in the game. Dawnmaster Kreel, Acolyte Lara, etc, all fine.


Then I got to Mornmaster Arval.* I opened his CRE with NI to see what dialogue file he uses and found out it as arval.dlg* (no surprise), but that the dialogue was greyed out, as in "not a link."


But that wasn't a big deal, since I decompile the files with WeiDU anyway.


But WeiDU couldn't find any file called arval.dlg to decompile.


Very strange.


Any suggestions?


*Note that it might actually be Avral.cre/avral.dlg. I was looking at it in NI, so I typed it right. However, I am at work now, and not looking at the name, so I assume no responsibility for spelling it wrong.

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I'll have to spend about a week sometime just mapping out the association between quests and CRE's. There's all the c6file stuff, too.


Or I could just look at the fixpack... you've got a lot of that spelled out in the alignment discussions. I wondered why arval.cre was LE even though I know that was fixed.



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