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Dynaheir and Drizzt v14

Guest fizyx

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Playing through the latest version of the Dynaheir romance, I go to AR4200 and meet Drizzt, kill the gnolls, etc. Afterwards, Drizzt says nothing about the journal, he just takes off. Is this a new addition to the quest, or a bug? Do I get the journal later on?

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New, for v14 - no problems, as far as BG1NPC goes. I would check with FlySoup to make sure that is the way it should work for his mod.


Instead of causing all sorts of compatibility problems with other folks who want to use Drizzt, we left Drizzt untouched except for setting an additional variable in dialogue with him at the successful conclusion of the gnoll combat, and moved everything to run out of Dynaheir's script. So when she joins the party, everything will kick off from there; after a timered interval, Drizzt will show up and talk to everyone.


I reintegrated the stuf I wrote to add to Domi's work for the "Minsc meets Drizzt before Dynaheir", cutting some of it back and setting the rest as interjections that run if he is present, so none of Domi's content was lost - the only stuff I messed with was the one dialogue I built to cover the "pick up Minsc, then go to Drizzt, then go to rescue Dynaheir" path.


Now, if FlySoup's mod makes Drizzt stay in place, then there is indeed a problem - but luckily for us, we should not be able to break that with the code we used regardless of install order.

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And I am pretty sure we fixed this to help the situation out, but someone is going tohave to test and decompile Drizzt's dialogues with both involved to be sure. We may have to pass the "fix this" torch over to FlySoup, but we can at least come up with helpful suggestions if v14 didn't fix it :thumbsup:

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Guest beelzenomen

I have the same problem with Dynaheir's journal quest as listed above. I enter the area, assist Drizzt with the gnolls, he thanks me, leaves, and never returns. I have the BG1 NPC project installed, I have Dynaheir in my party, the romance is active, and I don't have the Drizzt Saga installed. My party consists of charname, Dynaheir, Minsc, Viconia, Kivan, and Imoen.


Does Drizzt come back in AR4200? or does he show up in another area? I've gone through and destroyed every creature on the map without resting (in order to clear the spawn points, as noted elsewhere). I've stayed in AR4200 for days hoping he'll show up. Because I wasn't sure if he was supposed to show up elsewhere, I then left and did other quests. Still no Drizzt. I came back to AR 4200 and killed all the spawning monsters again. No Drizzt. I've done several of the other quests successfully before this (Xan, Coran, and Garrick) and I'm losing my mind over this one. If it's just not going to work, that's fine, I'll quit trying and gladly invite Dynaheir to leave the party, but if I should be doing something else, it would be great to know.


So my questions are: Is Drizzt supposed to leave, then return? If so, when and where does he return? In AR4200? A few minutes or several days later? Any help would really be appreciated!

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We changed the behavior (and the documentation) so that Drizzt will never, ever return or spawn on the party in that area. There was too much chance of other folks wanting to appropriate the original .cre. So we have our own Drizzt clone, who spawns onto the party in any outdoor area on the southwest coast area, after you have Dynaheir in the party and have helped Drizzt (gotten the "Well met, friend. Luck be on your side." dialogue, and the Journal Text entry.)


Our added dialogue, which sets the variable, is Drizzt saying

"Perhaps I shall seek you out elsewhere along the Sword Coast."


To check to see if the game thinks Drizzt was helped correctly, try



and if the value returns "1", then you know you have attracted Drizzt's attention in a favorable way and all you need to do is enter one of the 8 areas around the south and west of the Sword Coast not too far off of Drizzt's path.


The quest is kicked off by this part of Dynaheir's script:


/* Drizzt finds the party and initiates Dynaheir's Quest */


So in any one of those 8 areas, but NOT in Fisherman's Lake, it will run.


It will run immediately, if you have Dynaheir in the party and that variable is set, so if you want to sidestep the whole Drizzt encounter, you can actually kick off the quest with Dynaheir in the party just by setting that variable while in one of those areas. Our Drizzt clone is completey separate. He won't show up if he is killed elsewhere (the !Dead("drizzt") is to stop people killing Drizzt for his stuff, then having him miraculously appear and help the party with Dynaheir's quest), but it should run under any other circumstance. (We might close up a loophole I just thought of - what happens if you are using Flysoup's mod and Drizzt joins up, then spawns on the party - Double Drizzt, which is why we don't let him show up in Fisherman's Lake).


(I need to do a search of all back posts, and mark that this is a big change in behavior. Otherwise, people are going to expect him to show up directly in this particular area, instead of other areas. )

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Guest Beelzenomen

When I entered CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("X#DynaJournal","GLOBAL")

I got Global:X#DYNAJOURNAL GLOBALDoes not exist


And I never did get the additional dialogue ("Perhaps I shall seek you out elsewhere along the Sword Coast.") from Drizzt, so I'm guessing it's just messed up in my install, right?


When first added to my party, Dynaheir did ask if I'd found her journal, but it has not been mentioned since.

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Guest Beelzenomen

Sorry for the double post. I entered CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("X#DynaJournal","GLOBAL",1)


and sure enough, Drizzt showed up when I went to a neighboring area. I got all the initial dialogues about looking for the journal. I haven't run through the quest yet, but I wanted to update you in case there's a bug in general and not just my install.


Thanks so much!

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No problem - the only way to get drizzt to be happy enough with your party to actually break from his routine and help out (and therefore get the quest) is if you do all the "good guy" versions of things in the dialogue, leading to state 10 (the one I posted above). If you treat him like a hero of the Realms, that line should play. But we can track it, and if folks aren't getting the dialogue, treat that as a bug and fix it :)


Dynaheir will always ask about the journal, right away.


Thank you for checking in and asking.

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Guest Beelzenomen

I wonder if this is the problem. When I meet Drizzt, he asks if I will assist him with the gnolls. I have two choices, either yes or no. If I say "yes", he thanks me for being willing to help, and we fight the gnolls. After the gnolls are defeated, he walks away just a bit. When I speak to him again, he thanks me for the help and leaves.


That's that. There are no other dialogue options and he has no further conversation with me. I don't know how much more I could treat him like a hero of the Realms--there's no other opportunity to say anything to him. The sum total of the response options with him is "yes I'll help" or "no I won't help". (Well, I can initially refuse to help, then I get some additional opportunities to say I will help or not, including one response option that gets me killed, heh. But none of those options allow any "good guy" responses other than essentially saying "yes I'll help" a single time.)


I've since tried this by killing all the gnolls before Drizzt sees me, but I get exactly the same dialogue options either way. My reputation is high enough that Viconia is in danger of leaving the party, so I don't think it's that. I was worried that Drizzt didn't like an evil person in the party, so I tried dropping her before I entered AR4200, but it didn't change anything.

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This sounds strange. When you talk to Drizzt again, after killing the gnolls and helping him, the dialogue should look like this (default BioWare, no changes by us):


"Well met, stranger, I am Drizzt Do'Urden, and I appreciate your assistance. It is a long enough trip to the Icewind Dale, even without these constant interruptions. I do not recall banditry being of such epidemic proportions in this area; how long has this been so?"


If you respond "It was not always thus, and I strive to return peace to these lands."


Did you get


(There are several other pathways, but the primary state that sets the variable is anything that passes through "This is sage advice which I will heed. Know that I think well of you on your journey." )


Ca you decompile your _drizzt.bcs to _drizzt.baf (DRIZZT.bcs in BGT) and send it to svowles at comcast dot net, please? That way I can see what is happening better :)

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