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Amaurea's Portrait Mod


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Thanks so much for offering to code this up for me, Berelinde! I'm hoping to finish at least three pics a day, so it won't be long until all the NPC's from BG2 are done.


I'm doing them alphabetically, and have done through to Edwin so far (My Webpage).


Also, thank you for offering some insights into the BG1 characters. I need a lot of help there, as I've only played through that twice. I've played with Xan, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir, Imoen, Kivan, Coran, Gavin, Ajantis, and briefly Faldorn. Are the pictures of the remaining npc's fairly representative of the nature of the characters? I know, for me at least, Imoen looks too old, Jaheira looks too young, etc.


Any input of a comparative nature to the portraits for BG1 shown in the "BG1 Portraits in BG2 Style" mod on this site would be really, really helpful.


And I promise no psychedelic swirling colors. :thumbsup:



Edited to correct broken link

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OMG!!!! Anomen... :):thumbsup:


If you're happy with the resolution in those pics, I can harvest them off the website.


Plasmocat's got the personality nailed pretty well in her "BG1 in the BG2 Style." I'd peg Imoen as more mischevious, though, and somehow more innocent. I always imagine her as Willow on Buffy.


I did a set of BG1 personality summaries, when I was planning banters for Gavin. I'll post it when I get home.

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Amaurea, there are a couple questions I want you to think about while making your portraits.

  1. Do you want this to make these portraits available to player characters? If so, it's easy to implement.
  2. Do you want to allow the player the convenience of installing each portrait set individually as well as together? I'm sure you've seen the "The setup-MyMod.tp2 has ## optional components. To save time, you can choose what to do with them at a high level rather than being asked about each one. What should be done with the components that are not yet installed? Install them [N]Not install them [A]Ask about each one [Q]Quit" That too is incredibly easy to implement.
  3. Would you prefer an "all or nothing" approach, where the player who chooses to use your mod installs all the portraits or none of them? I must confess that I am not fond of this option, however, I will code it that way if you tell me to.
  4. Should you choose to offer non-standard colorings for portraits, i.e. brunette Imoen, pale-skinned Dynaheir, brown-haired Ajantis, bronzed Keldorn, paler Valygar, would you like me to change their paperdolls and sprites to match their portraits? Please note that if you offer two Ajantis alternates, one blond, the other brown-haired, I can very easily leave the blond paperdoll and sprite alone, but change the brown-haired paperdoll and sprite to reflect the player's choice. For example, Amok offers a Caucasian Dyanheir, but I'm not sure he changes her avatar palette. I like the avatar coloring to match the portrait, however.
  5. Would you prefer these to be separated by game, i.e. Amaunea's Portraits for BG1 and Amaunea's Portraits for BG2, or would you rather just combine them, and let the installer detect which game is in place?

Edit: punctuation was never my strong suit.

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These are pretty nifty, and are an interesting change from the more "shoulders-up" style of the default portraits. Have you considered making portraits for some of the NPC mods that are available?

She made a completely and totally awesome one for me for Gavin. I hope she'll do more.

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These are pretty nifty, and are an interesting change from the more "shoulders-up" style of the default portraits. Have you considered making portraits for some of the NPC mods that are available?

She made a completely and totally awesome one for me for Gavin. I hope she'll do more.


I will definitely do some for the NPC's I've played. I'd like to redo Gavin, since I've changed the way I do the portraits, and I like the results of my new method better. I am still desperately trying to do justice to Kuylock's Xan. I have a feeling that it will take me a while to hit just the right note for him.


As for the mostly face thing? I'm older than I'd like to admit, and my eyes ain't what they used to be. :) With the focus on the face, I can at least see what I'm looking at during the game. :thumbsup:

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Berenlinde, I definitely agree with you about the all or nothing approach.


I'd like to do whatever makes the game more enjoyable for the player, and in my mind, that involves choices. So, any and all options are fine with me. I do like the idea about the matching sprites and paper dolls, simply because I'm anal retentive about them myself and find it distracting when they are really different from the character portraits.


Honestly, I know nothing about modding ... this whole idea of a mod has just taken on a life of its own, and I'll leave these decisions up to you.


Now that you mentioned alternates, I wanna do Imoen with pink hair with brown roots :thumbsup:

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Just do what you do. It's wonderful.


Yes, they are more photographic than the typical BG2 style. But they are still damn good.


I'm in a quandry. I love Amaurea's portraits, but I also love Ilmatar's at SHS. I foresee switching back and forth regularly, several times per game. Probably a good idea to keep this last in the install.


Edit: With your preferences, which seem to mirror my own, in mind, I will write it up so that the player has the choice of installing everything if he likes, can use the portraits for player characters, the avatars match the portratis, and it isn't all-or-nothing. Easy enough. :thumbsup:

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Those are truly excellent. You've gotten the characters just right. I find the original portraits for some of the characters pretty painful, especially Aerie and Anomen. To me Aerie always looked drippy, and Anomen like someone I'd want to slap. Now they not only look like interesting attractive people, but the sort of people I'd actually want to have in my party.


Well done!


(And yes, hot too.) :thumbsup:

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