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Athkatla Mercenary Guild


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Well, I was playing Morrowind a few weeks back and I thought to myself, "Wow, I wish the guild idea had been implemented in BG2."


So...I decided to begin construction of a mod that would add an all class mercenary guild to Athkatla. Basically, based on your class and level, you could choose from a number of quests to perform and get rewarded based on how you carry them out.


Of course, quests are not restricted to class, though they may be designed with a class in mind, but don't expect the reward to be as high if you are not that particular class. The guild quests will be an alternate way to raise money to pay Aran or Bodhi and also to just have some extra spending gold and XP.


Anyway...there it is! :thumbsup:

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Heh, I get the feeling this should go in the LOTA thread but oh well.


I am still working on LOTA., which is a very large project, but right now I've got this wonderful drive to mod with the IE, so I want to continue to expand my skills in that.


Seeing as how I'll be getting a new system in about a month, I'm tempted to check out the toolset for nwn2. If I like it, then there is a small chance I might consider rebuilding the work I have. But that's a huge thing to do, so I don't know.


My only problem right now is thinking of a suitable place to have the guild.

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Sounds a fun idea.


There are a couple of mercenary bands already in the game...Mencar Pebblecrusher's lot and Captain Dennis's. As Mencar is pretty hostile, the latter might be a suitable mercenary guild contact/quest giver, assuming you haven't done the Limited Wish quest (I think they leave once that quest is completed).


There is also that random bunch of hostiles in the Bridge District led by Valeria, might be worth giving them a purpose in life and turning them into a mercenary guild?





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Your last suggestion is something I will certainly consider. :thumbsup:


Thing is, I've pictured the guild to be something more along the lines of the Thieves Guild or the Order. So I had imagined a building with ample space to put more NPCs that are also part of the guild, etc.

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extended theif stronghold adds a whole bunch of soldiers to that barracks, IIRC. you end up going to the sea's bounty for drinks after you clean it out.


so if you are thinking of using that area there will be some issues.

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Thank you for letting me know!


The building in the Temple District could work (Sorry Kulyok I didn't even see your post above mine!)


I was hoping for a more permanent status in the city, as opposed to the guild just moving in. As if they'd been in the city all along, like the Thieves Guild.

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I don't know: these definitely look like barracks, not like a guild. (I know I'm referring to them as barracks in the game; other mods might do so, too). On the other hand, it could be even cooler: the soldiers/centurions of Amn would give you various tasks.

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Heh..."hey man, I left my sword by my bed...I was so hungover that I forgot it this morning. Also, there's a potion for old Nessie."


Wait...that's something different. :thumbsup:


Yeah...would rather have a guild look, not military barracks.


The only other thing I could think of is using the empty AR0415 house in the Docks to hold a few guild agents, and then perhaps having other agents in Trademeet.

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