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If TDD is WeiDu, could it be converted to work with Tutu?


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Apart from the rather obvious question of why you would want to do this, it calls upon BG2 resources, like dialogue files, areas, creatures, and situations not present in BG1, even with Tutu.


You would have to rewrite the whole thing to make sense in a BG1 world.


In other words, no, you couldn't.

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Perhaps players want access to the TDD kits?


If these could be carried over to tutu, then you can use assign the kits to either your main character, or to NPCs using Level 1 NPCs mod. I like making Montaron a Fighter/Burglar, which was his combo from the original TDD.


The TDD kits are a separate component of TDD-weidu, don't you know.

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