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Mask of the Betrayer


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you will be playing with full party, as far as I know it's impossible to have Okku and On of Many at the same time


argh I forget about that half celestial cleric, but I've read somewhere that she won't stay in the party with One of Many

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Right, right, that's assuming one can add some of the old companions back into the cast. :) I am not very fond of the idea of having a party of a blue-skinned wonder and a couple of other girls. I feel that female and male NPCs should be balanced.

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Wow, all this time and I just realised :)


Are you still gonna mod the MoTB like you've said in the forum? (holds my breath). From the way things are going with MoTB I really don't like how Obsidian handles the OC romance plot :) (if you can even call that a 'romance' in the first place but...) Oh well.


:O Though I'd definitelly would like to play whatever mod you make ;)

Btw I saw the screenshots on the Bishop romance, although I'm not really in with the dude I must admit, but I really like the idea on being able to drive him nuts once a while. Love those dialogues :)

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Heya, I don't know to which extent I will mod MoTB, but I am definetly putting a mourning sequence into Ammon dialogue. I kind of writting it atm. Ammon's dialogue is unvoiced, so it should be induistinguishable from the original text, and I don't want to play the game without saying proper good-buys to my companions.

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Yeah, I hope they get the bugs fixed...


Of course, the latest patch for NWN 2 played havoc with my graphics card...so I had to go to the previous update, and things work for the most part (though not entirely graphically error free).


*shrugs* Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Obsidian (and Atari by extension) want to push something out the door before really putting in the proper amount of time...then again, I felt like much was not included for NWN 2 for that very reason.

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Is it just me or are the quests on MOTB really uninspired?


The story's good, and the 4 characters I've had are much more interesting than in the original, but the quests are very dull, they just seem to be Pick Up FOO, or Save FOO!!, or Wander Aimlessly Around Until Something Happens!!!!

I gave up on the stupid shadow plane temple quest (couldn't find the key, or how to talk to the many in the furnace),


and the Sunken City after you SPOILERS!!!!


get thrown ito the dungeons by the hags, you just wander around and pick things up, despite having no reason to do so. :)


Oh, and don't get me started on the the horrible camera angles, one's so close you can't see anything, the other's positively manic, and sends your PC off down random directions.


On the whole, the plot and characters are better than the original (and I love the setting), but some of it leaves a lot to be desired

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Playing the game right now (just done dealing with hags), so far... almost great. Much better that the NWN2 OC. It even reminds me of Torment quite often, although it's nowhere near that masterpiece (well, in my opinion, of course) :) The only bug I've ever encountered was in the beginning with cutscenes not happening because of mods in override folder >.< It also has a very distinctive "feel" about it - not just generic sword & sorcery, far from it. The only things a little bit worse than the OC are the companions... The one I really liked by now is Kaelyn (as a rule I hate all those self-righteous and goody-two-shoes types, but she's interesting), Gann has too little dialogue and really doesn't seem to be a romantic interest - even Bishop and Casavir were more interested in my character than him (gods, he's really self-centered). Still, it seems they got more dialogue and are a bit more developed than the OC companions. And I'm still angry about their fates :) Just... so unfair.

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