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Cloakwood Forest


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Hi guys,


I just cleared out chapter 3 and intend to go straight to Cloakwood Forest. However when I opened the world map, the Mine area didn't appear, even when I went to the Cloakwood forest area prior to the mines. Or do I have to undergo Jaheira and the Druids quest first to make the area map available? :thumbsup:

Or is this because I killed Tazok, went out of the bandit camp to do some quests then go back [pick the scrolls from the chest] to finish ch 3? :)


I've installed the [open cloakwood before ch 4] with the latest BG1 project so I could fetch Coran early in the game.

And oh, I'm using easy Tutu and the mods I use are only the BG1 NPC and Gavin :)


Please help :)

Thx a million

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You don't have to do Jaheira's quest, but you do have to go to CW4 and leave the map from the far side of the screen. CW Mines aren't opened early, so you have to wait until you've been in Tazok's tent (which you have) and use the usual travel triggers (leaving the map from the side closest to CW Mines).

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