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Everything okay?


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Didn't encounter any bugs. A great mod. BG 2 is a very good game itself, but it's only for the mods that I'm still playing it. Sarah is a nice and believable NPC and a worthy addition to the game. You have great talent for writing story and dialog. Voice acting is beautiful, really professional.


I really hope to see a ToB addition of this. Thanks for sharing your work with the community.


PS: Okay, so I didn't read the FAQ in the forum. Why not put it in the readme or on the home page anyway?

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Thank you for playing it! And thank you for your compliments, it really does mean a lot to me to hear (err...read) that. :(


I've never really put FAQs in the home page or readme of my G3 mods, I guess it's always been a habit of mine to stick them at the top of the forum...though if it becomes a common problem I may reconsider getting the home page edited.


Anyway, thank you very much!

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