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Is there an updated version for the BG1 engine? The menus and smaller screens aren't centered,

Well, you can use the BG1 Widescreen mod GUI mod, after you install the Widescreen mod at a few specific resolutions. It says it's a beta, but it has worked for years and years, so.

You have got to use a certain version of the BG1:TotSC (1.3)5521 patch, there are a few ways to do that install, as you have to then uses a fixed bgmain2.exe that can be downloaded from here for example, it's the International version of the "Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast DirectX 8 Bug Patch" . Aka it's the .exe that's packaged in the "BGTalesDX8Intl.exe" auto-self-extractor archive(which is why it's a .exe and not a .rar or whatever...).


You can only really use a one of these resolutions:


1024x768 - for standard 4:3 res

1280x768 - for widescreen 16:9 res

1280x800 - for widescreen+ aka 16:10 res


Yes, the moding forum in the mods page is a Polish one, but Zed Nocear can respond to English too, if he is around.

The original game was in 640x480, so the above is a real improvement, but it's not magic. If you want that, you have to use BGT-weidu, Easy-Tutu or the Enhanced Edition to play the BG1 in the BG2 engine, which allows you to use a far more resolutions. But it of course requires other things to play the game with them.


...will those changes be ported any time soon? Very unlikely.

Very unlikely, the bigg has "retired" so to say, of course he lurks around sometimes. But is not likely to respond ever.


And I was able to make a 2560x1600 resolution install, in the BG2(it was actually a BGT, but that specificity doesn't actually matter at this point) game.

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