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Further documentation available?


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Is there any further documentation available for the luxx0.2da files? Perhaps something that lays out what each of the columns control and maybe something explaining what tokens are valid for the ALIGNMENT column (or where to look up a list of what is valid).

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The luxx.2da description is a little lacking, true.


A quick summary for people to correct:

ability - spl filename

icon - icon displayed in HLA screen ?

strref - strref of text displayed in HLA screen (for the description) ?

min level - minimum level character must be to select this ability

max level - minimum level character can be to select this ability

num allowed - the maximum number of times this ability can be selected for a character

prerequisite - the character must have selected the specified ability before this ability can be selected (track down my old 'expanding HLAs' tutorial for details

excluded by - the specified ability and the selected ability cannot both be selected by the character

alignment restriction - values from align.ids, as I recall


New rows can be added, but will be ignored.

The HLA screen shows a maximum of 2 abilities.

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