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Compatibility issues

the bigg

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It is unlikely that this mod is incompatible with any other mod. However, it doesn't currently work on all variants of the engine. The success/failure matrix is available on the mod page.


Please report any incompatibilities you find, and/or your success with a different version of the game executable.

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GemRB -> no, because GemRB.exe uses different offsets than bgmain.exe

DLTC: without testing, it's hard to tell. However, if your CHU files look similar enough they should still work.


Of course, since the former isn't released and doesn't require an hack, and the latter is likely RIP, there isn't much danger :)

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Strong suggestion: State clearly "This mod only affects the main, playable game screen. It does not affect the resolution of interface screens like the New Game and Load Game screens, which will default to use the conventional resolution you selected in BGConfig." Unless you like getting spurious bug reports from the impatient and/or timid who see that the initial screen isn't any bigger and figure your mod is no good.


(unless of course this behavior is actually a bug...)

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I thought a little bit about compatibility with gemrb.

I come to the conclusion that gemrb is more or less compatible with this stuff because it calculates those offsets hardcoded in the IE automagically.

It just tries to fit the panes on the left/top/bottom/right side of the game screen, and what remains in the middle, will be the game area.


DLTC alters the menu (left pane in the main game window), so it is not compatible, but would work. Btw, it is not dead, just sleeps (in a DLTC ftaghn kinda way).

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Yes, exactly. But more importantly, who will create the required MOS files? :)


I'm not complaining (well, not exactly... it is a little jarring to go to the character view and suddenly have the screen focus drastically change, but you never promised me a rose garden), just saying that I think a little more explicit "this is what you do and don't get" documentation is warranted.

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Guest amitlath

the readme says: "do not use this with other mods installed to minimize the chance of receiving bugs".


does this mean only gui mods or *any* mods whatsoever? i mean, what about npc mods, quest mods, item mods etc.


also, how important is it to go as the first mod. i am little worried about how all mods going after it will be using the new updated beta weidu exe from this mod and what effect will that have.



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