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Any further info available?


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Is there any further info available on


#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191]
Parameter #1: Undefined
Parameter #2: Undefined
The use of this effect is unknown, and effect of its parameters
are undefined.


It sounds a lot like an effect I see pretty much every time I cast a spell with a wild mage and I was wondering if anything further had been discovered.

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I probably did, but i forgot, i'll have to check it again.


Btw, the applyitem* stuff should definitely DO something, i already made some advances with them. But still not conclusive.


Pro: there is extensive code for it in all engine versions (including iwd2).

I managed to trigger most part of the code, but it seems some fields like vvc are also used.


Contra: still no visible effect

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I believe this effect doesn't do anything. One of the parameters toggles from wizard to priest spells (and sets one of the two stats as appropriate), but it doesn't actually affect the casting level.


It hasn't ever been used in any BG game.

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While it doesn't affect casting level w.r.t. effect headers, does it affect caster level with respect to dispel attempts?

No, i just tested for that a few days ago.

It modifies 2 stats, but the stats seem to be ignored by the core engine.

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