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trying to install for over 1 hour....

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Well, so here I've been for around 1 hour now, repeatedly trying to install Kivan, getting constant errors. I've reinstalled ALL my mods at least once, and there's still constantly something wrong! right now it's the *checks installation* BUANHA.dlg If I get it right. why, I haven't a CLUE. Does this have something to do with me being forced to reinstall Kivan earlier, since he was acting wonky and nothing helped?



I'm gonna end up reinstalling my game, aren't I?



EDIT:::: Nevermind, desperation made me open the .2tp file, search for AR1303, which I kept coming back to not working, deleted the line that held that reference, and installed. worked like a charm.


and YES, I copied the file to another part of my harddrive first, I'm not *that* stupid. Off I go, I have an Aerie/Solaufein conflict to watch and a missing wife to rescue!

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Must be due to reinstallation, because I'm looking at both P#KivJ.d and the decompiled BOUNHA.d, and state 5 is there, perfectly accessible, and the syntax for the A_T_A is fine.


Maybe somebody else has a comment?

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Both UB and BG2 UB Restored minor Dialogues components have some challenges for other mods (To be expected, really, as they are changes and alterations to core dialogue states that other mods expect to find and use) - I think we should gather a team and help out in that, detailing out what can be done for compatibility. All the folks involved in these projects are real [M,W]OGWS* men/women of good will who can work together well. If we all gathered a weekend of time and tackled it, we could either track and document the challenges or get the components to be adjusted to work together better. Possibly both.

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Pick the time and the place and I'm there.


If SimDingO is willing to have other folks poke around his code, I'm certainly willing to offer whatever skills I possess to help these components play nice with other mods.


But the first step is securing permissions. It's his mod. I won't touch a tilde without his blessing.


Just not this weekend. My cousin's having an "I just bought my first house" party.

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