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Help: Item Maker Downloads for Dummies

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I'm feeling rather stuck.

Decided to enter the Item Creation world, and felt quite confident after reading through a number of guides.


The confidence was quickly blasted to pieces, since I cannot find what I need and install it, despite several tours through guides, resource lists and links. My goal is to create items as easy as possible.


So, what would I need, and where can I find it?

I did download a component for itm.files from this site, but the program didn't start up. It's obvious that I'm doing something wrong.


Greatful for all help.

(I know, why enter Item Creation if you cannot even download properly)

As said, I'm a total newbie when it comes to this. :)

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Did you download IEEP? If so you need the VB6 package which you can get here.

Thanks, that got me started. :)

Can I use Shadowkeeper to add the created items to my testsubjects, or is there another editor? (The CLUA works, I noticed)

Shadowkeeper works just fine, that's how I add new items to my creatures. Actually I use Shadowkeeper to create my creatures by making modifications from existing ones.

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I've never gotten IEEP to run myself. Why not use DLTCEP instead? I don't think there is much about items you can't do with it.

Maybe DLTCEP would be better, there are some obstacles in IEEP that I have yet to pass. I've made a testweapon that copies the stats and variables of the Blackrazor, without succeding. Editing the percent chance of level-drain and regeneration Icon effect, nothing happens. Still, I was able to change the name of the weapon and the apperance. I'll go and look for DLTCEP.


I managed to get my items into SK, and noticed an evil bug that I'm so far considering to be the result of having the Item Browser and IEEP open at the same time. Creating a weapon was easy. Making it work like the rest of them was tougher. Anyways, thanks for all the help. I'm likely to post more here, since I'm really bad at this stuff.

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Rule one when it comes to editing anything with the IE games. Never, ever click save when you have two different tools open at the same time. I have done this a few times myself. This will screw up your dialog.tlk file. You can have two of the same tools open at once like IEEP, I tried this.


If you are trying to get the effects of a different item, open two IEEPS up. One for your item you are going to edit and the other which will provide you with what you need to duplicate for your item. Make sure you duplicate it word for word, state for state, number for number, etc.


DLTCEP is fine but a little complex for a first timer. IEEP I find is good for someone who is new to editing and is much simpler to use.

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DLTCEP is fine but a little complex for a first timer. IEEP I find is good for someone who is new to editing and is much simpler to use.

Aye, this was far too true. I got DLTCEP good enough, but the BAMS confuse me. I assumed they were the same as IEEP. For example: The Long Sword Inventory File. Inventory - ISW1H04. But it will have to take its time. If not, IEEP should at least be workable.


I wouldn't mind an Item Maker like the one in NWN. There, one could say it's easy to create things. (unless you go for the unique power script)

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There was a pretty decent item making tutorial on RPG Dungeon using DLTCEP. Also posted some tips in this thread, though that might just confuse you. It's pretty easy really, once you get the hang of it.

I hope that I'll one day will be able to get DLTCEP, since most people seems to prefer it, but for now, I'll go for IEEP. But thanks, tutorials are always appreciated. :)


CoM_S, thanks for the tip. Once I could check the finished weapons while building mine from the start, it went quite smoothly. (I cannot believe I missed the "while equipped" box :) ) Finally, I've created my first weapon that somewhats restores energy and delivers fire damage.

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Yep, i recommend DLTCEP only when you need something you cannot do with the other tools.


You just keep in mind that the simpler tools cannot do everything possible with the IE, while DLTCEP covers these possibilities nearly 100%


Many people don't ever need it, because all they want is easier with weidu/ni or even ieep/shadowkeeper.


I don't recommend modifying dialog.tlk even with 2 of the same tool.

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I don't recommend modifying dialog.tlk even with 2 of the same tool.

I'm staying well away from that one. :)


Gotta experiment a little with those Drow Chain Mails.. is there a way to make a new armor with that appearance and enable them to cast spells, or is that already allowed due to the armor? Oh, questions, questions.. only one way to find out.


*problem solved*

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