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SHS: Rogue Rebalancing 3.8 Released


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The Rogue Rebalancing mod is a gameplay modification for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal. This mod strives to bring the Rogue classes (Bards and Thieves) and their respective kits closer to their Pen and Paper 2E AD&D incarnations. The mod is divided into multiple components all of which can be installed separately and are completely independent of each other. In so far, Rogue Rebalancing can restore proper dual-wielding skills to Bards and Thieves, revise some of the Bard and Thief kits and their respective high level abilities, add more items useful for Rogues to the game, slightly revise the merchant treatment of stolen goods, enhance the Shadow Thief opponents which the player faces when siding with Bodhi in chapter 2, and introduce a new challenging encounter with a party of Cyric's followers in chapter six. Some of the introduced changes will be applied immediately, but for best results you should start a new game after installing this mod. More detailed descriptions of all mod components can be found in the documentation section of the Rogue Rebalancing website.



New in v3.8:


In summary, this revision adds the proper (PnP) Bard spell progression table as an optional component, makes some minor adjustments to the Swashbuckler thief kit, adds an option to make the bonuses from potions which increase thieving skills non-stackable, resolves the compatibility issues which previously caused the "Shadow Thief Improvements" and the "Chosen of Cyric" components to conflict with a few other mods and further improves the AI of the CoC and STI opponents. Note: it is now mandatory to start a new game after installing the Rogue Rebalancing mod, otherwise you will miss the bulk of the new content which it introduces. As always, it is recommended to completely uninstall any old versions of this mod before installing the latest revision. The full list of changes and additions is available here.



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