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Left Behind


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Well that was interesting. It sounds like the game sucks for more reasons than just murderous, religious intolerance though.



"Left Behind Games Inc. generally supports free speech in the media and understands how important it is to have various opinions presented for public consumption."

Heh....I'm not sure how anyone, generally supports free speech. I've always thought of it as an either/or position. :)



I didn't like the way the writer(abundance?) had a go at the guy's "blonde, teenage" daughter near the end of the article. It, somewhat, derailed their rant for me.

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Hey they're the ones who don't follow their own philosophy. Their religion started out with good intentions but over the centuries it has been butchered, misrepresented and corrupted by its so called followers. Love thy neighbor, turn the other check, peace, be kind to others and many other tenets that they do not follow. In other words they don’t practice what they preach. I could go on, but there’s no need to go off topic any more than what it is.

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I for one must say that the good news is that all that hoohah about Christian values from ages ago is somewhat funny ever since that monk posted a revised version.


The catch: There is noone between you and God, once you are a protestant. Not a single human being and not even the bible can tell you how to believe. Use the guidebook for general rules and then off you go into practice. If the game is about religion, hooray, many are, many ain't. Did Bloodlines make me more evil? Did Fallout teach me anything about desert survival and mutant warfare? Did Baldurs Gate teach me how to properly address dragons and slaughter other races (and romance people properly:-P )?


I guess not. So another game in the jungle won't disturb anybody. Is it for the good of the christian faith? Well, talk to your God and find out. Mostly you'll find that she is above such trivial day-to-day meddling. It is your effort that counts. Now I have some Orcs to slay, cmorgan are you coming. :-D

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Damn straight. And if by orcs you mean "bigotted idiots who call themselves religious but actually are just closeminded fools who honestly believe that God has decided to favor them over all other beings in the universe with The Right And Only Answer", then I've got your back for the Crusades, man! :)


[of course, that is probably because I am protestant...]

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I seem to recall back in the time there were folks who said you couldn't even post links to released mods. :)


That's not as funny as the stuff we have going on now in Russia, though. A guy said some bad things about Russian militia in general in his private blog(something like policemen and criminals being one and the same, and he'd wish to see 'bad' policemen burnt, much like witches in Middle Ages), and now he faces a trial+up to four years in prison. Seriously.

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