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Quest leading up to meeting Amber doesn't occur


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Hi all,


I've just installed the Amber mod, along the following other mod's:


Banter Packs v. 7

Keto SOA v. 2

Romantic Encounters v. 2

Unfinished Business v. 15

And I believe Quest Pack v. 23


I've made sure to install Amber last.

After chapter one I've just wandered around the streets of Athkatla for a while and.. nothing happens. So far, I've visited, obviously, Waukeen's Promonade, The Slums, the Bridge District and the Gouverment District, and the supposed leading up to meeting Amber quest hasn't happened yet.


My question is, obviously, what's wrong? Or did I do something wrong?




Gert Jan


Edit: Ive only visited the Gouverment District briefly to finish a quest for the Bridge District, so I haven't visited the Prison yet.

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