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DLTCEP Requests Thread


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I would like a seperate area editor to open when I am doing areas if that is what I want... ala IETME. Full view of the area art if I want it, all or just some objects displayable at the same time if I want it, PVR/PVRZ compatibility. IETME may be buggy... but its still visually the best editor we have. I talked to Theo recently and sadly he doesnt have the source any more.

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How does DLTCEP guess the dimensions of a tileset? Does it look for a WED of the same name and pull the dimensions from there, or does it try to calculate the dimensions solely on the number of tiles in the tileset somehow? I looked for where this calculation is made in the source code, but couldn't find it (not that I would understand the language even if I did...).

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It is stored in .WED file I believe. And of course, DLTCEP doesn´t guess it :), it reads the dimensions from offsets... Correct me if I´m wrong.
I'm not sure this is entirely the case. For instance, have DLTCEP guess the dimension on AR0200.tis from ToSC. It will guess the dimensions as 69x51, however, the actual dimension of the tileset (as backed up by the dimensions reported in the WED file) are 69x50. Also, while the 69x51 rows of tiles that DLTCEP displays includes 1 row of tiles used for door overlays, there are 4 more door tiles that DLTCEP doesn't even display (presumably because there isn't a full row of them).


It reads it from the tileset (TIS) and your grid input (since it contains only the count), WEDs are not mandatory.
By "grid input", do you mean the "Frame count" edit boxes where you can manually input the dimensions, because I am referring to the option under Tools->Guess dimensions.
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The thing that pops up when you load a TIS, so you can convert the one-column grid to what was meant.


The guess dimensions option likely just divides each side by the tile size.

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Guess dimensions does more than that. It matches the colors on edges to guess the proper area width in tiles.

There is no code to ignore door tiles (as area info is not available).

so if you have a full width of door tiles in the tileset, then it includes them erroneously.


If you load the tileset with wed, then no guessing is needed.

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