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Druid Spell mods


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The 1st 2e PHB sucked, how can anyone think animal summoning and gate belong in the same sphere?
Yeah. They did some later corrections (in Spells & Magic, Tome of Magic and Faiths & Avatars) that DR got mostly right... we discussed some of them here. DR missed a few but I never found out if that was by design or by omission (either is fine with me but it helps to know when I'm basing mods or kits off the design).


In many ways, DR is a 2e rules mod, so I'm looking at placing your spells in the spheres where relevant. Obviously, you don't want to add a bunch of spells to a sphere that would make some kits overpowered and leave others weak, but that probably won't be an issue for druids.

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Hello i'm new in G3, i come from a french modding community, and we are studying currently this problem of import IWD and IWD2 spells bams to BG2. I think it's impossible to import the exactly same bam cause palette color of IWD bam is 256 colors and palette of BG2 bams is 229 colors. Maybe the best thing to do is desaturate your IWD bam and paint it using the BG2 bam's palette; it's just an idea : i never tired it, i know it's possible draw some bmp pictures using a specific palette to respect the colors. I think it's quite the same method to create an originally spell bam except you have to draw it all yourself and paint it with the palette.


If someone's who did it can explain us more or tell us if we are on the right way ?

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Never heard of BG2 BAMs using 229 colours - they should have 256 (well 255 not including the transparency entry). So the IWD BAMs should work, as I think they do in Lost Crossroads (and even some tweaks on this site if I'm not mistaken).

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