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Looking for beta-reader/editor


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Hello everyone.


I would like to find a person(s) to help with beta-reading Dynaheir’s romance.


Basically, I am looking for someone who is comfortable with thou/thee/thine/thy, FR lore, English grammar, style and will commit to going over all the talks, flirt pack and party reaction - all in all I expect between 25 and 30 lovetalks, 20 repetitive flirts, and 30 character reactions 24 BG1NPC and 6 from Minsc) It is a significant time investment. To give you an idea: the first 4 talks took 18 pages MS Word 12 point text.


Ideally, I am hoping to find a male reader, who is actually planning on romancing Dynaheir, to provide a valuable feedback on "missin'/good to have options" and "no man would ever say that, Dom. Not even bard"

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Oh, I am sorry I have not noticed you replying! I am as ever in need of proofing, though I do not have new Dynaheir atm - coding Phase II hindered my romantic streak :groucho: If you can give a quick check to some interjection files afore we commit them to the game, that would be great!

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