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The scary world of INTERJECT


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I'm trying to make some slight modifications to an existing dialogue with Aataqah, the genie you meet near the start of Irenicus' dungeon.


I'd like to insert an interjection in his dialogue to the player prior to phrase 5 (from InfExp), which is followed immediately by phrase 5, and then the player's responses appear with a new option.



So the structure would be the following:

PLAYER RESPONSE 4 to PHRASE 1: Then of what use can you be to me?
NEW INTERJECTION PHRASE: Perhaps I can help recover knowledge that was lost, or perhaps not.
	PHRASE 5:  Such assistance as you will get from me depends on yourself. Are you prepared to answer a question?


The problem I am running into, is the examples of INTERJECT that I can find always have the interjection come after the existing phrase. Is there something I'm missing, some method of doing this?

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it's EXTEND_BOTTOM you seek, I think. Something like this:

(Romantic Encounters has some code examples).


+ ~Gender(Player1,FEMALE)~ + @2 DO ~SetGlobal("MetTeos","GLOBAL",1)~ EXTERN MGTEOS01 RE_Teos0
+ ~Gender(Player1,FEMALE)~ + @3 DO ~SetGlobal("MetTeos","GLOBAL",1)~ EXTERN MGTEOS01 RE_Teos0

IF ~~ RE_Teos0
SAY @29
++ @30 + RE_Teos0.3
++ @31 + RE_Teos0.3
++ @32 + RE_Teos0.1
++ @33 + RE_Teos0.2

IF ~~ RE_Teos0.1
SAY @34
IF ~~ + RE_Teos0.3

IF ~~ RE_Teos0.3
SAY @36
IF ~~ + 1 //1 is a dialogue state; COPY_TRANS might work better in some cases

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As Kulyok said.

I would do it like this:


A_T_T (ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER) to false out the original reply option 4 (look for syntax in the WeiDU readme). EDIT: I see in the other thread that the new reply option should appear for some PC conditions, so here you would insert the negation of those, i.e. PCs that do not fall into the category play on as originally intended, not seeing the new reply option.



EXTEND_BOTTOM state 4 to insert the changed reply option, leading to the new state.


APPEND dlg with new state, leading to state 5.


EXTEND_BOTTOM state 5 to insert new reply option.

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