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Coran's Quest Question, BG1NPC v14


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This is not a bug, per se, but a question.




I've got BG1NPC v14, which is absolutely fantastic, btw. I've taken Coran through his quest and defeated Amelia, who was quite tough (in fact, she seemed insanely difficult given that I only got something like 1,400 xp after the battle).


The problem is, Ajantis and Finch were left level drained after the combat. No biggie, I thought, and went off to the nearest temple for a Restoration. But, I found that at the Nashkel temple of Helm, Restoration is not an option. Nor is it available at the temple outside Beregost. Or at the Temple of Wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn. Do any of the temples have Restoration?


I suppose that NPC clerics will eventually obtain Lesser Restoration as a level four spell, but Finch *is* my cleric. Both Branwen and Viconia left with disgust due to my high reputation, and when I last saw Yeslick he was a level 5 cleric with a long way to go before 7th level.


Am I just out of luck? I'd rather not fight the battle again, especially because somehow Dynaheir's romance ended up timed so that Winski showed up with his Mephits when Amelia went ethereal. I had just enough time to kill off all but one of the Mephits before Amelia returned (thanks to that handy dandy Haste spell). I have fought the battle twice now, and I can't get Winski to show up earlier or later, at least not without going to a much earlier savegame.


Any advice would be great! Thanks.

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Ah, yeah, yeah... it was a problem in v12, as well. I am sorry to hear about your troubles - you can try and get Restoration scrolls into the game via console, though. I don't remember the code offhand, but Sorcerer's Place(sorcerers.net) has a great collection of BG2-related materials, full item lists included.

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CRT-R I think - CTR-Y kills things :) But check the Simpson walkthrough for BG2 or any one of the "cheat" sections of many sites for the codes.


As for this, we had discussions, and several solutions, but somehow it got left off the table for implementation at the last minute (didn't have time to test it); expect v15 to either

  • nerf the NPC to disallow level drain
  • have her drop a non-sellable Rod of Restoration with 6 charges when you defeat her
  • add the correct scroll at local temples (always wanted to play around with igi's cool random array patching)
  • allow the Temple and K to see quest completeion and either restore any party member drained or provide a bunch of restoration scrolls.

We don't know which one yet.

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add the correct scroll at local temples (always wanted to play around with igi's cool random array patching)


I think this is the best way. DSotSC had level drain without a way to restore (I think the latest version added some scrolls to a few temples). If you just drop something then everyone just gets off. If you need to go to a temple and pay for a scroll level drain means something Big and it costs the group. Players get too much gold, you need to keep finding ways to drain the gold from them.

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Well in the interim to that, I'd just suggest the use of Protection from Negative Energy whenever dealing with opponents that can do that. :)

Just a bit of tactical advice. ^^


Players get too much gold, you need to keep finding ways to drain the gold from them.


Eh. I think equipment (good equipment) is expensive enough as it is, but yeah, because of the expansive opportunity for the player to make money as compared to BG2, probably too much hording to the point losing your money in BG2 is ridicolous... then again, that IS the case anyways xD

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By the way, there's also a succubus (Kirinhale) on the 4th level of Durlag's Tower who can level drain. Having scrolls of Restoration or a temple restoration would be the best fix, in my opinion. Then the solution wouldn't be dependent on completing Coran's quest, just in case people get level drained in Durlag's Tower.

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The fix for this, courtesy of CamDawg's base code, will be to patch all Temples to offer the full range of paid restoration options.


So any of the Temples will have the BG2 healing options patched in, and PC can take his party members who have been drained by either our succubus or the Durlag's tower succubus to any temple and pay for the restoration service.


For convenience, I am tucking this in the "core" required component. To me,this actually counts as a "fix", because while it might not be needed by a Bg player in ordinary circumstances, it iseems silly that the Sword Coast Gods and Goddesses only pay attention to Amn :help:

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