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Amber's abduction quest problems

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Hi all,


I've found Amber with no problems whatsoever, got her beloved bracelet back, found the way to the home of her abducter, killed the voiced and charming lady in the streets, entered the house and then.. I got slaughtered. And again, and again.


My point is, I think the battle is a bit over-powered for my party level.

I've just finished some quests in Athkatla itself, and at the moment, not counting my PC, I've got Jaheira, Xan and Viconia in my party and I haven't even encountered this demon yet. Are my strategies so inadept?

Some advice would be appreciated :)

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If Xan can not, try recruiting a wizard to throw fireballs on the guards. Just watch out the innocent cook and serving girl. They should run into the kitchen, though, and be out of the spell's range. Take out the archer (Lieutenant) first. If you only killed Lorraine on the courtyard and let the guards retreat into the building, you might want to try that battle again and kill some of the guards on the courtyard - they'll be waiting inside if you don't.


Against the demon, make sure that you have the lower resistance spell(s). Free action is good too. Use the table to get away from him and to get time to cast healing spells.

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