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Calin/Anomen Banters


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Well, as I said already, banters will be my downfall but he's my first attempt. I did Anomen first because I'm more familiar with him. I shamefully admit there are some NPC's I have never taken in a party.



Calin: I understand you are a squire in training Anomen?

Anomen: Aye, you have the right of it. Becoming a Knight of the Order has always been my greatest desire.

Calin: An admirable goal. I have heard many good things about the Order during my time here in Athkatla.

Anomen: Considering joining yourself?

Calin: (Calin looks at Anomen and grins) I'm no Knight, and I've no desire to be. I find chastity unappealing.

Anomen: Mock me if you must. I wouldn't expect one such as you to understand the path of righteousness.

Calin: I wasn't insulting you Anomen, I commend you for being able to follow such a path. I was merely answering your question and pointing out that I would be a disgrace as a knight.

Anomen: I will be keeping my eye on you.




Calin: It seems that Knighthood isn't the only thing you desire.

Anomen: And what do you mean by that?

Calin: Funny, I had percieved you to be rather intelligent.

Anomen: <CHARNAME> *is* a very capable leader and quite....impressive.

Calin: Careful Priest or you may fall from grace as well. (Calin grins and walks off)



Calin: Anomen, the way to a woman's heart is *not* with anger. You can not compliment someone one minute then lash out at them the next. I see the pain in <CHARNAME's> eyes everytime you do that to her.

Anomen: I had not realized....it was never my intention to hurt lady <CHARNAME>. I must confess I have never been able to control my anger.

Calin: I suggest you get it under control in the future. I have a great respect for you but, I won't allow it to continue. You'll do well to remember that.

Anomen: Are you threatening me?

Calin: I'm a man of my word. Don't make it necessary that I have to prove it to you.

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I am guilty of having the same Bioware NPCs in my party EVERY run through of the game I have.


Banters look good. :) Hope to see more previews in the future.


Do they really? They sounded good to me but, I've been awake for 25 and half hours now, major insomnia, So anything looks good at this point I think.

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I like them very much. I only found the last line a little weird. Maybe "Don't make it necessary for me to prove it to you" would sound better? I'm no master of English though so write it how you think best.

I think I will really like Calin.



You're absolutely correct. It sounds much better. Thank you :)

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I like the (romancing) Anomen you draw there. And very nice of Calin to notice, too.

I like it :)



I thought so too. I don't think I want him to get nasty or insulting about rivals but I do want the rivals to know he is aware of them. And even tho I really don't like LG Anomen, I felt that Calin would until Anomen decided to show his nasty side toward the woman they both want. :) I really enjoy the conflict dialogues out there in the other mods, some are just too funny! But I don't see him that way.


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone.

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I like the (romancing) Anomen you draw there. And very nice of Calin to notice, too.

I like it :)

I agree. It is good to see Anomen having the passive/aggressive thing pointed out. :)


Lovely banters.


(I'm also guilty of taking the same npcs through most run throughs.)

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