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Lovetalk 19 not initiating.


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Please send your saved game to rtannahill_@_msn_._com, deleting the _ where it appears. If you send it now, I can look at it tonight.


This one was tested exhaustively, but there is a dream timer involved, so it's always possible that another talk (possibly a night time flirt, possibly a BG1 NPC night time banter) might have fired first.

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After checking out your savedgame, I see that the lovetalk global value is actually past LT 19, and that LT 20 should be on deck. Except that it can't be, because the check variables that should have been set before this point never were, so the lovetalk can't happen. Gavin's romance is tricky to manipulate using the console. Really, the only console commands you should be using to speed things up are CTRL-T to advance actual game time (every time you press CTRL-T, the game advances 1 hour) and AdvanceRealTime(), although I don't recommend using either.


If you can live with hearing LT 18 over again, I'd recommend going back to that point, and trying again.


Here's what you should do:


1 Open the console and type in




That will back it up to LT 18. You'll get an extra ring. I'm sure you'll be able to find a use for it, since it's got some useful features. :)


2 Lovetalk 18 should fire immediately.


3 At this point, your saved game is back on track. In time, lovetalk 19 will follow (it did when I tested your saved game). It takes 2 in-game days. That's a long time. If you want to speed it up, you can press CTRL-T 48 times to get through 2 game days. Resting will get you lovetalk 19.


4 Lovetalk 20 will follow the morning after, but there are 3 in-game days between lovetalks 20 and 21.


Anyway, this should get you back on track. Let me know how you make out.



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Ack! I tell a lie!


It's LT20 that follows several days after, and 21 the morning after that.


Spoilers (highlight to read)

LT 18 was the morning after he proposes, where he gives you the ring.

LT 19, he wants to know if you understand why he's so tense.

LT 20, well, you'll see.

Spoilers over.

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There are several conditions to that talk. Please send your savegame to my screen name @gmail.com, and I'll tell you what to enter into the console.


This is one of those talks that everybody tries to speed up, and usually, they try a whole hodge-podge of different things to get there. Most of these things will mess up this talk.


I've got to recode the quest to get rid of Kelddath Ormlyr as the questgiver because there's some mod out there that is interfering with the quest. I will probalby wind up removing the timers on these spaced talks. I'd hoped not to subject the player to a battery of LT's, but three days game time is a lot longer than most people are willing to wait.

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Guest Angua



I've been messing aaroung with the timers to try to make it work, but I dont think that one is affected.


PS I'm really loving this romance! Gavin's such a sweetie :cool:

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Er... are you sure you sent me the right saved game?


The one you sent me is a chapter 1 save, and the game timer shows that about six hours game time has elapsed. Since it takes 8 hours to get from Lion's Way to the FAI, I'm kind of suprised you were able to recruit Jaheira and Khalid. According to the "areas" folder, you haven't been to the Temple yet, or met Gavin. I can tell this because the area doesn't exist in your baldur.sav, nor are there any variables with a b! prefix in your baldur.gam.


Glad you're enjoying the romance, though!

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OK, found the problem. Somehow, a variable did not get set during conversation that should have been set. The main "talk global" advanced, but the "check global" didn't. Since I set both during dialogue, and at the same point, this is strange. LT19 uses the same code, and that fired without incident. This code hasn't been changed since version 1, without incident, so let's call it a fluke.


Unless... I see that "B!GaLT20" is set at 0. If you never had this LT, it shouldn't be on the list at all. Is it possible you were setting globals and missed one? It doesn't matter, because it's still fixable.


Here's what you should do to fix it in your game. Pause the game, open the console, and enter




hit enter. The next one is already set in your game, but it doesn't hurt to set it again, just to make sure that the script didn't advance it when you reset the check global.




hit enter twice. Unpause the game. Rest.


If you don't get the talk immediately, it's probably because not enough game time has elapsed, so hitting ctrl-t until you get the talk should work.


Let me know how you make out, please. :D

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