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Can't extract AR0907.WED/TIS...


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I'd like to make a copy of AR0907 (Sion's House, upper level) as a base for a new area I'm making, but it seems I can't export the AR0907.WED and .TIS files. NI says "Error reading AR0907.WED: data/AREA090A.bif not found" (the same with the TIS file), and refuses to load them, and DLTCEP likewise refuses to load, but without giving any reason. I have two questions:


(1) How can I export these files...any other tool, maybe?


(2) How can I fix them? Strangely, AREA090A.BIF does exist...


Thanks for any answers.

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Argh....problem solved, but it is strange: it was a problem with the international game version. The affected files were those in the CD3 and CD4 folders - and for some reason I don't understand, the baldur.ini entries for the CD paths of CD3 and CD4 listed their directories in an order different from the one use in the CD2 entry. I don't understand why this resulted in an error - maybe the tools only use the first folder listed in the entry - but it works after they are changed to the format used for CD2.

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