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Small party for IWD2?


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I am curently playing IWD2 on lan with a friend, and we decided to go with 1 character each. While the game isn't too hard with the proper classes (we have one fighter/priest and one fighter/sorcerer, with each of us spending some skill points in traps/detection to take care of them), it becomes very difficult with the way IWD2 handles the experience: it looks like it spawns more monsters if the average level of the party is higher, which is true since the exp is divided in 2 only.

In a fairer way, I think the best way to adapt the number of monsters would be to scale it on the sum of the experience of all characters, and not on their level.


Do you guys know any easy way to disable those stupid extraspawns, making every single battle look like a Linkin Park concert?

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