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Fanart Thread

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Well... I had every intention of romancing Rizdaer, really, I did, but my PC couldn't bring herself to hurt Jaemal...


And, well, um. So I kinda sorta took a six-hour break from IWD2NPC today and made this... (Base is from here.)




Jaemal and Arien, my PC - elven ranger, who's obviously not wearing armor here.


As soon as I get my scanner working once more, I've been working on sketches of Diriel and PC, Jaemal again, and Valeero, too, which I'll work on finishing soon too.


Well, consider it a 'thank you' for this most awesome mod! :(

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Scanner not working yet, so excuse the poor quality of this one - took a picture of it instead of scanning. (Which is why it looks slightly lopsided. And blurry. The actual picture isn't quite so sideways.) Not colored yet, but since that might be a while from now I figured I'd post this now anyways. So yeah.


Because 'Mal is awesome.


(He looks strange, almost fey, standing there with his cloak flapping and clinging, his hair whipping wildly around his face)




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Lookie, a flirt... my favorite flirt (Okay, I also love the tracks in the snow one). I mean, sometimes, even flirtpacks are not quite so grueling to write....


That one was my favorite too, just had to draw it. :(


She is rather.. tall, isn't she?

Um, standing on her tiptoes? Eheh...


;) Thanks.

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Nah, Mal is tall, Riz is short. :)

The funny thing about me is that my imagination runs wild when I play such games. If I play and elf I imagine all "my men" slightly taller than me (only exeptions are the times it is stated in the dialog that Enter_name_here is a lot taller/shorter) no matter their race. If I am human or such, all elves I get involved with are quite tall for their kind, so to speak ;)


So Riz is at least my hight and 'Mal slightly taller by my book.

But yeah, I know I tend to be strange. :(

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Oh, it's no big deal. Drow males just tend to be shorter than their females, so >5' is taller than normal for them, but honestly, that's not a big deal. I mean Salvastore made Drizzt of a height with Cattie-Cheese in later books, when he started 2" shorter than her.

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