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I need these 4 lines voiced (2 - male, 2 - female voices)


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Female Voice (should sound like this: Female Voice )


Line 1 (Righteous, then uncertain, really doubts the "she" in the second part of the line) They've got justice, Bishop. Or will once... if... she can defeat Lorne.

Line 2 (VERY rigtheous, prudish): How can you possibly allow this dirty beast to touch you after what he's said about the poor people of Ember!





Male Voice (should sound like this: Male Voice)


Line 1 (surprised, smug): Look whom this little bird brought along. Why, I can already hear all that extra gold clanking in my pockets.

Line 2 (mocking, evil): That wouldn’t be the problem, Bishop. That would be the pleasant part.

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