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Mac install problemo

Peter Brown

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Hi there, I was wondering if someone could lend a hand. I am trying to install TotSC Stratagems on my mac and keep getting this error.


Last login: Fri Oct 12 22:30:40 on ttyp1

/Users/jimi/Desktop/Shadows/setup-scs.command; exit

Welcome to Darwin!

jimis-powerbook58:~ jimi$ /Users/jimi/Desktop/Shadows/setup-scs.command; exit

/Users/jimi/Desktop/Shadows/setup-scs.command: line 1: path=/Users/jimi/Desktop/: No such file or directory

: No such file or directory/setup-scs.command: line 2: cd:

/Users/jimi/Desktop/Shadows/setup-scs.command: line 3: ./Setup-scs: No such file or directory


[Process completed]


Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone offer some guidance. I have put the four files into the tutu directory as per other mods, but this one doesn't complete.



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