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A little startup review


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So, I've started a new game of TuTu and immediately headed over to the temple to pick up Gavin.


The first thing I noticed was his looks (as a paperdoll/avatar thing). The guy just looks neat. :)


The second thing I noticed was that he's very useful with his weapon as well as he is with his spellcasting.


I am not extremely far into dialogue with him, but I really like that he doesn't try and force anything on you. There are times where he seems almost....wimpy to be honest, but that just makes him more , because let's be honest: not everyone is as bold and "in your face" as say, Jaheira for example.


I'm only at the first mines quest right now, and I am also playing with the BG1 NPC Project, but I am really liking him.


The only thing I could find that had room for improvement is his soundset. It seems a bit quiet on my computer, though that could just be me.


Nice work so far, B. :)

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