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Luck & Fatigue effects


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I don't think anyone definitively knows. Skill rolls would probably be impossible to check, but you could turn on hit roll and saving throw feedback to see how luck is giving a bonus (luck should be a bonus to all rolls, and fatigue should be a penalty to all rolls, but it's not possible to check this for every case in the game).


You should be pretty safe to just assume that luck and fatigue affect attack and damage rolls. Unless you're trying to do something really specific, the case that it does or doesn't affect saving throws can't make any real difference?

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Well if luck and fatigue doesn't affect saves and skills mages can pratically ignore them...


And another thing is...in FATIGMOD.2DA it seems that if you have 7 or less fatigue points there are no penalties at all...am i wrong? Therefore if i want a character to suffer penalties after certain actions/spells using fatigue bonus i have to assign him at least 7 points...

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Luck definitively affects to hit rolls, though they are not displayed on the character sheet. You can only see the bonus in the combat log if you turn all the feedback options on. Each point of luck grants a single to hit bonus.


Furthermore, luck also grants a minimum damage bonus, but it will never go beyond a weapon's maximum damage. For example, a quarterstaff does 1d6 damage (i.e. 1-6) so a character with 2 luck would always deal at least 3 damage but would never deal more than 6 damage (3-6) and a character with 6 luck would always deal 6 damage. However, a character with 10 luck wold also deal 6 damage per hit.


I don't believe that the saving throw bonus is implemented (not 100% sure though) but I think the skill bonus actually works.

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Not exactly. According to some testing I did a while ago (when I was making this) fatigue gives semi-random to hit and damage penalties. The penalties are not constant, but they do have a fixed range which increases with the accumulation of fatigue.


Also, I seem to recall that one of the IWD2 developers (I think it was Josh Sawyer) said that characters could even die if they accumulate (way) too much fatigue, but I've never tested that in practice.

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Neither luck nor fatigue affect saving throws in any way. I did check luck against set snares (well, briefly - but it is one of the few thief abilities that's actually rolled) and it did nothing at all. While I was never bored enough to check fatigue, I'm willing to wager that it doesn't do anything to thief skills, either.


There's a lot of opcodes that are described in-game as influencing a broad swath of rolls and really only mess with THAC0.

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