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#98 (0x62) HP: Regeneration [98]

Guest EarthquakeDamage

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Guest EarthquakeDamage

"Permanent timing modes require a duration for this effect to work."


1. Where was this determined? It wasn't there a year ago IIRC and searching here yielded nothing.


2. Does it mean regeneration with timing mode 0x9 "Permanent After Death" would function if given a non-zero Duration value?

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It has to have a duration and will only work for the duration. I believe it was discovered sometime this year or late last (it should be around here somewhere; maybe the fixpack forums).


You can use it from an item with While equipped (2) if you want it to be truly permanent.

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I have tried setting regeneration type to 3 (1HP every x seconds) in a .spl file, but it never worked for me. And when I have looked in ingame examples, only items have type 3 set.


So I came to the conclusion that either type 3 only works for certain timing modes (like "while equipped"), or it works only in .itm files.


This needs more testing.



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The documentation is still wrong:


Type 1 isn't equal to type 0 (1 Restore 1 HP per second), but deals with percentages. The IESDP predecessor thought it did "heal 1 damage per round until NP1 % of cur hp regained" and gemrb thinks it does "heal NP1 % of cur hp each time (NP3?)". Considering the current description, the first case is more likely to be right (except for the timing), but I haven't done any testing.




NP1: param

NP2: (UNUSED [#16] | type [#16])

0x0000: heal 1 damage per round until NP1 damage healed or time expired

0x0001: heal 1 damage per round until NP1 % of cur hp regained, or time expired

0x0002: heal NP1 damage per round until time expired

0x0003: heal 1 damage every NP1th round

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