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SCS II improved mages component for BG1Tutu

Strontium Dog

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After reading the SCS I readme, I'm now thinking of installing BG2/SCS II's Improved Mages component to create more of a challenge in the game. Has anyone played through BG1Tutu(or BGT?) with SCS II Improved Mages instead of the SCS I Improved Mages component ? Did you come across any bugs with that component?




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I doubt they have, as (I'm fairly sure) it can't be done. That is: the SCSII component of "smarter mages" affects BG1 mages in BGT but not in TUTU. It's somewhere on my to-do list to change this (to accommodate you and others who disagree with my BG1-resources-only philosophy) but I haven't done it yet.


In the meantime, if you really want to try it, and you don't mind hacking the game a bit, then install the SCSII components and then copy the file "override/mage18a.bcs" over to all of


"override/_mage1.bcs", "override/_mage2.bcs", ... "override/_mage8.bcs" and "override/_gremage.bcs",


and then copy the file "override/pries12c.bcs~ over to all of


"override/_priest1.bcs", ... "override/_priest5.bcs".


Do this before installing any bits of SCS I that you do want to use.

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