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Is anyone interested in voicing BG1-BG2 characters?


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I am planning and writing a small mod for NWN2, a tongue-in-cheek prequel story for BG1-BG2, and I want to get a feel for the possibility to have it voiced. The characters I need voices for are:


Jaheira, Khalid, Gorion, Imoen-as-a-girl, Sarevok-as-a-boy, Elhan, Saemon, Nyalee, Alinna and Amelyssan.


The line # for each of them will range from 30 to 100 lines, I would think. I cn probably do one of the voices myself (Alianna or Nyalee, probably), but I wanted to see if anyone at all is interested in doing one of the other characters.

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Neat. I think I have someone who can do Alianna as well. I want to see if I can get together a few people so I don't end up with a bunch of 'missing' voices, since I think it will be only worth it if all the major characters are voiced.

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Okay, I think I tentatively now have (or may have)


Alianna, Imoen, Saemon, Sarevok-as-a-boy, Nyalee and possibly Elhan.


Hmm, it starts looking like the full voicing just might happen... well, as long as I get to writing. :) Thanks, folks for showing the interest in it, and hopefully it can come true one day soon!

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I can pull off a few accents including british, scottish, irish and a number of other obscure sounding english dialects oh and I love doing eastern european accents too. If you still need any male characer voicing let me know. All my accents are rather generic though. I'm sure I could get my wife to do some lines too if need be, she has a rather deep female voice.

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