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comment about weapon styles

Guest John

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Just picked up Sarah and was struck by one thing: she has two pips in 2 handed weapons but no 2 handed weapon proficiency. Just seems really odd within the game context that an NPC would have chosen it before having chosen proficiency in a 2 handed weapon. I can understand OOC reasons to do so because it doesn't restrict what 2 handed weapon one may want to choose for Sarah to take up although it does push one to choose a two handed weapon if you don't want to lose the utility of the two pips in two handed weapons. Still, was a bit of disconnect when I saw it.


Moreover, I don't have any worthwhile suggestion to offer because, not having played the mod before, I don't know if Sarah had reasons not to develop her 2 weapon style to its max of 3 pips and then there would still be the decision as to what to do with the other proficiency point





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2 Weapon Proficency is what every ranger starts with, and Sarah is no exception. :(


Edit: And yes, there are meant to be 2 proficency slots filled at the start up.


If you're looking for the logic behind it, then the best I could probably say is it has something to do with Ranger training, as most if not every ranger uses to weapons at once, at some point in their lives.


Aside from that, its just what it starts with, BG2 ranger PCs also have the same bonus when they start, which is very useful for a ranger with high Dexerity and Strength. Sarah falls inbetween that line with her stats, not too much of either, but neither is she not either of them, y'know? ;)

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Solar's Harper,


No, I'm talking about Sarah has two proficiency points in two-handed weapons style but has not selected a two-handed weapon such as quarterstaff, spear, halberd or two-handed sword for use - put proficiency point(s).


In essence, if she were to wield a staff, for example, it would have a thac0 penalty as I understand how the game calculates the numbers, but I assume that she would get the benefits of critical hit on 19 or 20 plus speed bonus. It is also my understanding that the two-handed weapon style proficiency pips apply only to melee weapons. So, it struck me as odd that Sarah would choose to place two pips in two handed weapons rather than first choosing a two handed weapon.


On the outside looking in, I can see that the proficiency choices allow you to decide which two handed weapon that you may want Sarah to develop for the game without being committed a priori other than the bow and long swords in which she has specialized.



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