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How often do you rest in BG2?


Resting in BG2: real time  

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I know some people prefer a simpler game on Normal difficulty, like me. Some prefer it on Insane, preferably Hardcore, and with Ascension and Tactics to boot. :) And so I am curious, how often do you rest in your games? After how many battles? Or, more specifically, how long is your game day, from rest to rest?


Personally, I rest every 2-3 lovetalks, or thereabouts; my guess is that an average 'long-ish' game day is - about 45 minutes, or longer. And you?


(Yes, I know that modders, and not players, will likely vote in this poll. That's all right - I just need to check if my - very rough - estimations are correct. After all, it's all about mods. :) What else? )

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Yes, the eternal "What is the best rest-talk/timered-talk ratio?" question.


I tend to go for something that approximates immersive roleplaying. In general, I try to rest the party absolutely no more than once per game day, at night, for preference, although, slavedriver that I am, I often make them do 24-36 hour long shifts before resting, so the rest cycles do wind up staggered a bit. If they've just had a boss battle, though, I usually allow them a day off for resting and shopping.


This makes me ration spell use, because the party might well fight half a dozen smaller encounters before resting. Sorcerers rock for my style of gameplay, by the way, but only if you give them some kind of missile weapon. I prefer slings in a game w/o AoE, shortbows or crossbows in a game with AoE, but that's off-topic.


So it all depends. If the party is doing a lot of traveling, they might rest twice in the space of 5 minutes. If they're doing Athkatla quests, it's once a game day, at most, independent of real time (might actually take a couple days real time).

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Before I got used to igi's SpellSystemAdjustment mod, I used to rest mainly to get my spells back, which was very often and completely independent from the gameworld's day/night cycle. Since then, I roleplay more and tend to rest at night, or when I feel that the day was long enough, mostly in intervals of 60 to 90 minutes.

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I never rest, I just tip over and wake up just before I have to leave for the office. :-D


Ingame I used to do a lot of Meta-Reloadgaming, but now I just follow the story, so I end up doing a lot of things bruised, fatigued and without a single decent spell in my spellbook.

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I rest often; I always did, because I hated to see any of the characters hurting for a long time. Plus, I tend to use the more powerful spells relatively quickly and don't feel comfortable when I don't have them available. Heh, and I made my husband to rest often back when he played BG1 and I watched. Because you know, Kivan suffered enough in his life. So, I am guessing that at least every 30 minutes.

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Oookay, very interesting so far, thank you.


I'm asking, because I'd like to know what "a long day" means for you, modders and players - because, if you get "rest after a long day" banter after your hey-let-me-rest-nine-more-times-for-my-next-stronghold quest, you might just feel something is wrong.


Where's the vote option option for "When I think there might be a particularly dirty nighttime flirt coming up"?


Right next to "When I feel it must be time for THAT lovetalk; you know which one"; you must have missed it.

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FWIW, I rest my party whenever at least half the characters are fatigued, as soon as it's safe to do so. I always play with normal difficulty, as battles are more difficult than they should be using core difficulty, compared to the same situations in the PnP version of the game. That's been my observation, anyway.


- E

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Hmmm. If I were going to put in a "rest after a long day" banter, I might tie it to a fatigue state check. The fatigue starts at about 1 after resting, I thik, and goes up from there. The portrait icon doesn't show up until around 7, I believe.

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Hmmm. If I were going to put in a "rest after a long day" banter, I might tie it to a fatigue state check. The fatigue starts at about 1 after resting, I thik, and goes up from there. The portrait icon doesn't show up until around 7, I believe.

Restoration can make your cleric fatigued quite fast :)

Probably other spells too.

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Whenever the fatigue icon shows up, I get my party to rest as soon as possible.


Also, after most long trips - from Athkatla to Trademeet, for example.


I rest frequently in long dungeons and shorter dungeons alike- though usually my mages have plenty of spells left, I often play without a cleric in the party (just Jaheira as a druid, usually) and find myself running out of healing spells rather quickly, so I rest quite often.


It wouldn't be unheard of for me to rest at least once every fifteen minutes or less-- more in certain places I can't rest in, of course. When I'm just wandering around the city delivering things and doing Fed-Ex type quests, I don't rest as often...


Another thing I probably should mention is my love of the Haste spell later on in the game. After two uses of Haste your party becomes fatigued. Probably should point that out. I wish I could find a mod that kept your party from being fatigued after Haste- I use it more for traveling purposes than battle, really.

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When they are fatigued or to make sure spells are handy if I know a big battle is coming up. I tend to wait until every party member is fatigued which can mean waiting through some complaining(particularly if Aerie is in the party. :) ).


Also if Romantic Encounters is installed then there are frequent, alternative reasons for 'resting'.

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