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Timing mode, digging through the archive


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Yes, 9 never modifies base stats.

But when an effect with timing mode 1 doesn't modify base stats, it is gone on death.

So sometimes using 1 is more permanent than 9, but if your effect stuck on the creature with 1, it doesn't survive a death.

There are other permanent timing modes :)


Digging up an old post, I was wondering if I could get a clarification on what the "base stats" consist of? Is this only the base STR, AGI, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, or does it include other things such as saving throws, base AC, resistances, thief skills, Luck, Lore?

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The engine stores 2 copies of stats (see stats.ids) of each creature.

One set i call 'base stats' the other set is the modified (actual) stats.

Most of the base stats are written to the .cre file, or set to a constant value at load time. Most of the modified stats (with probably one exception) are not stored, they are calculated by applying the effects.


Most scripting actions modify base stats. Effects could modify either base stats or the actual stats. Permanent effects (1) usually modify base stats (when appliable), and then go away. Permanent effects (9) modify actual stats, and keep attached to the creature. (9) effects couldn't be removed by ctrl-r (and resurrection), (1) effects, those that didn't modify base stats, would go away after ctrl-r (or resurrection).

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