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The "ignore gender" tweak doesn't work for Anomen


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This has been something that hasn't worked for me since EoU, but I've been too lazy to report it.


Installing the "ignore gender" romance tweak breaks Anomen's quest.


For an active Anomen romance, Terl's spawning is romance dependent. He only appears after a certain lovetalk. When Anomen isn't romanced, or if the romance is over, Terl's appearance is simply a matter of timing.


The problem is that when the "ignore gender" tweak is installed, AnomenRomanceActive will return as 1, but he'll never fire off the first lovetalk to a male PC. The romance never progresses, so Terl never spawns. Manually setting AnomenRomanceActive to 3 fixes this.


This has never bothered me all that much, because I only romance Anomen with a female PC and I don't bother with the "ignore gender" component anyway, but if it's in the mod, it should probably work. And like I said, this didn't work in EoU, so it won't work in Tweaks.


Later on, I'll decompile Anomen's script and see if I can spot where the problem is arising. There's probably some kind of secondary check in place, but I've never looked for it.

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Yeah, I see the problem. There's something for Tweaks to fix and, unless I'm mistaken, a bug for Fixpack to address as well. It looks like the same issue exists for female PCs who are not human, elven, or half-elven.


Anomen sets the AnomenMatch variable for elf, human, or half-elf females. However, when he joins his dialogue will set the timers and activate the romance variable for any female. The love talks will not fire without the match variable, and there's nothing that will kill the romance if the match variable is not set.

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