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Amber.. a completely subjective review!

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One of the things I liked best about the mod is how her early, abrasive personality clearly conveys the 8 charisma. When I played the romance, Caladon, my socerer PC, was ready to strangle her when he went to all the trouble to rescue her, and she pretty much blew off his efforts to save her. Of course, later on he quite forgave her, and then some. :)


The biggest drawback for me was the tight deadlines on the quests, although I understand that these might be eased a bit for the next version.


I understand that a lot of thought went into her AI script, but I wasn't terribly crazy about it. But that's changeable via customization, so it wasn't a big deal.


All in all, though, I agree with your assessment, and second the praise you offer.

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I have just currently downloaded this mod. And I love it! Amber has already decided that Jaheira is a "know-it-all" and that Haer'Daelis should keep his poems to himself. :)


And we had a nasty arguement with the landlady of a tavern that made me visit her nextdoor neighbor, instead. The mod works fine, so far. It crashed once in De'Arnise Keep, in the first Troll fight, and one more time when Lorraine had to retrieve something on her own.


And I runned around in that place I don't know for how long, looking for Amber, then, defeated, I left, and what do you know... :)


Great mod! I am not even halfway through, but I'll already join the choir who wishes for the ToB. She's worth it, no doubt.


EDIT: I have played a little further (to Brynnlaw, to be more specific), and now I feel that my first rabble didn't do the mod justice. I love her flirttalks, and her reactions to the PC. (and the Jaheira interruption - I did NOT expect her to show up that night!)


I have heard something about a quarrel that disables dialogue throughout the Underdark, and since Amber was going to say something but changed her mind, I hope I'll be through it before that happens.

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