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NPC Kitpack and Nalia Reverse Mod


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I'm getting ready to do a new installation of BGII with mods, and I'm interested in using the NPC Kitpack--primarily for Imoen and Nalia. However, I'm also wanting to use the Nalia Reverse Mod (which switches Nalia from Thief->Mage to Mage->Thief).


Should the two mods work okay together? Would there be any reason to install one before the other?



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AFAIK, possibly. When you recruit her, check that her title, spell slots, thieving abilities, etc. are consistent. Force her a level up via cheats (CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(300000)), and check if it's still consistent. Give her enough XP to regain mage abilities, and check if it's still consistent.


EDIT: as for install order, it should be irrelevant (since Nalia Mod edits the CRE, whereas NPCKitPack edits her via scripts).

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Thanks for the quick responses!


I think I'd like to test it out a bit as the bigg recommends. I'll go ahead and do an install with DungeonBeGone and just the Nalia Reverse Mod and NPC Kitpack and see how it looks. Is there a way to CLUAConsole Nalia in so that I can test it more quickly?


I promise to report back my findings. :)

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Okay, that didn't work right.


I installed only the Nalia Reverse Mod, NPC Kitpack, and DungeonBeGone, in that order. When I got to Nalia, it looked like the NRM features were the only ones in place, she had no kits at all, while Imoen had been properly kitted (heh).


On the other hand, it turns out that Nalia Reverse Mod does some things I'm not interested in, like raising several of her stats and starting her at Mage 9 and enough xp to take her Thief 10. That's just overpowered for what I'm looking for. I really just wanted Nalia reversed (and the kits were a cool bonus), but the stat bonus and the extra levels are simply unnecessary. Having her begin as a mage and dual to a thief makes as much sense given her biography as the other way around, I think, and keeping a low level of mage skill was really only for roleplaying's sake. The NPC Kitpack added the Adventurer kit which also helps on that roleplaying side (no backstab!). I'm not going to need another mage, but I'll be short on thieves.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I suspect I'll use Shadowkeeper to edit her to a Mage->Thief. Thanks for the help!

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