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Are v5 Romance Conflicts working for you?


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Recently, I've been playing with Crossmod Banter Pack installed(the latest version), and it turned out that Romance Conflicts are glitching for me - they don't work, and when I de-compiled Xan's script, it turned out they weren't appended, either.


I haven't tested it with v4 - maybe it worked in v4, maybe it glitched, too, I don't know. But my install is just one install. If you're playing with Crossmod Banter Pack v5 and Crossmod Romance Conflicts worked for you(i.e. you played at least two mod romances listed there, and when one went committed, others shut up), please, post here.

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Grim, while I've got you on the line: Have you any objection to commenting out the existing portions of the tp2 to do with romance conflicts and just moving to old-fashioned script extension until we can figure out what is going wrong here? It would follow the same parameters: optional, install the lot together, that kind of thing.


We can play with it later, but it would be nice if folks got what they paid for, as it were.

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