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0x2 Awaken


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This effect is buggy in BG2 (probably in BG1 too), but it works in the Blackisle line (HoW/IWD2).


The effect is supposed to remove the sleep effect and state, but it removes only the state. Removing the state would only work in case of a permanent effect (where the effect goes away, and only the preset base state remains).

The effect removes 0x2 (Awaken) effects instead of 0x27 (Sleep) effects.

It seems to be a plain programming error where Awaken removes Awaken instead of Sleep. It would be easy to patch it, one just needs to overwrite 2 bytes to make this effect work (a couple of years ago in dltc we couldn't cope with this).




If anyone cares with .exe level fixpacking, i could supply the offsets.

The offsets for ToB:

0x4035F4 (0x2) --> (0x27)

0x40362C (0x2) --> (0x27)

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Was playing around with this. Funny, I had to fish the offsets from my ToB, since yours didn't match mine.





I was wondering whether this effect might interrupt a creature's action, particularly if the creature isn't already under the sleep effect. Any other side effects that might occur?


EDIT: Sorry, wrong offsets. I believe you've used decompiled offsets. So did I. Correct ones should be




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