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When Geek Meets Redneck


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I've seen this truck in the parking lot where I work from time to time, and I just couldn't resist snapping a photo to share with the world. Because it's just so, so, so bad. Why, oh why would anyone do this?


So, tell me... how many Bad Things can you spot in this photo? :)



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My eyes say "jedi master yoda" -- maybe it *is* George Lucas? Egotistical fathead.
Ouch! :)


I can't make out the graphic either. Maybe Princess Leia in a thong with a light saber in her no-no? The rest of the pic must be her buns.
Could be a Rorschach inkblot. j/k


I lost interest in the whole star wars franchise as soon as muppets entered the scene.

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@jedi master yoda


Tells us two things: the owner is very short, hairy and quite jumpy (which noone ever anticipated who met him earlier) and he is very, so very very lonely (serves him right for getting almost everything wrong all the time and not sensing any evil Sith when parading right under his nose)


Apart from that I am reminded that I have also met three cars outfitted as K.I.T.T. in my lifetime. I don't know why I hesitated to meet the owners.

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I might be in the minority here, but I don't see what's really wrong with that one. I mean, last time I was in New England, walls and platforms on many, many metro stations were covered in graffiti, both in Boston and in New York, and it got worse when I boarded a train to Bronxville. Can a "Hey, I'm Albus Severus master Yoda!" car art be much worse? And the car is clean, too.

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Well, it's ugly and ridiculous, but there's no law against either. Of course, driving a vehicle that gets less than 18 miles to the galon for general commuting is certainly no proof of intelligence, especially one that is bound to have the back two feet sticking out of any conventional parking spot.


(BF and I have the same model truck, without the ridiculous graphics, but we mostly just use it on weekends, and do the commuting in more economical vehicles.)

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I can't make out the graphic on the back window, nor the pin-striping text (something about master yoda). Other than that, looks like he's advertising for George Lucas. :)

It's a graphic of Yoda, actually. Want a close-up? Here ya go! :)



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I'm probably in the minority, but the first time I saw yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, I was disappointed. To me, he's just to cartoonish.
I thought he made his debut in Return of the Jedi? Empire Strikes Back was the last good one.


There was a string of movies in the 80's that mixed puppets and real actors. Remember Labyrinth?
Labyrinth was HOT! Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie (in tights!) -- how can you dis that, EirikthePrinceoftheLandofStench?! :D


Ludo, call the rocks!

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