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Anyone up for a Beta-Run for Coran's Friendship TUTU-BGT?


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Sorry for reposting, but it seemed to have fallen through the cracks in the GenMod and I hope that some here might be playing with Coran anyway, so they can just throw it on top of their install :)


Cmorgan, Berelinde and I packaged a small add-on mod for TUTU-BGT that allows the PC to develop a friendly relationship with Coran. the mod consists of 16 sequential talks. What needs to be tested is that:


-the sequence kicks in w/o BG1NPC installed about an hour after Coran joins the party

-the sequence kicks in with BG1NPC installed after 3 of Coran's friendship talks from BG1NPC ran.

-the sequence kicks in if the PC started to romance Coran but interrupted the romance

-In one of the friendship talks, starting with:

"My friend, what do you think about us putting aside all the 'must do's and going hunting for a week or so?"


the follow up script advances the game time properly.


So, if you are willing to give Coran a shot as a friend, please post here or PM me, I'll give you a dl link to it



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